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Lots Of Action But Not Alot Of Time

Well I've  been playing pretty well. I've steadily done pretty well over the last few months, but I haven't had much time to play. I usually play about 2-4 games at a time, but I probably only get in about 5-10 games a day. Despite this, I am playing the highest available buyins on double-up sng's and am playing at my highest avg. buyin ever (around $170 avg.) and currently have a win rate of just over $20 per game on $150+ double ups, which would probably rank pretty well on any of the leaderboards, but I still change my screen name pretty regularly.

My buddy has already won poker trips to Aruba, Austrailia, and now Ireland. We're going to team up in Vegas this month to play in a $1,500 3 man Team tournament at Ceasers. We got a HUGE room at the Venetian. It should be fun. I'd like play a couple multi's before then. I played a $30 rebuy the other day (I think only my 2nd multi all year long!) and made final table, but busted out with QQ vs AK allin preflop and only won like $200. Oh well. I hope to maybe play a live tourney this month at the "Bike" in L.A. 

Once my wife gets off work for the summer, things should relax considerably at least for 3 months. Otherwise life is good, our jobs are secure (for now), and we have renters in our condo. I hope to have a good year and pay off some things. If things go good maybe down the road me or my wife could quit our job. For now it's gonna be a grind and I'm on Daddy duty. Maybe I'll get lucky and cash big this year in a big Vegas tourney?

One good thing I've noticed is that the economy isn't showing much of a damper in the poker industry. At least not in the online traffic dept. It looks like many of the big sites are showing 20-40% bumps over the last 6 months. I'm guessing most of which is in low limit games, but I'm sure some of it filters up to the games I play. Since the Doyles Room merger with the Cake Poker network there has been a noticable bump.

I am also trying to play some of the WSOP satelites on AP and have a couple $250's and a  $800 satelite to play. I try not to put too much money into satelites because I'd rather play the games in which I get my best return and it kinda takes me away from perfecting my current niche, but I'll take a couple shots and see if it was meant to be.




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