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Getting Ready For Some Vegas Action!!

Somehow I managed to get the OK from the wife to go play in a "Team Poker" tournament in Vegas this coming weekend. It looks like it's gonna be bigger than I thought. 150 teams of 3 players sold out and more to add on the day of. At $1,500 per team, it looks like a prize pool of over $250,000 is likely. Some pros and celebs should also make it fun. I should take some pics maybe I can post later. Here is a link on Cardplayer.com about it. www.cardplayer.com/poker-news/article/6004/dream-team-poker-hosts-event-at-caesars

We're almost done with this month and it has been a roller coaster ride. I started off pretty hot and it looked like I was going to has a banner month. Then I had a few bad days and have been treading water ever since. I've been caught up with a few Step tournaments on Absolute Poker trying to win a seat to this years 10K Main Event. I have also been dabbling with some of the Ultra turbo sng's and I think it has cut into my wins and focus. I seem to be playing these games well and continue to get bad beat in the end, which makes me think I should just keep playing them in hopes my luck will even out and I'll get a better feel for what my profit margin(if any) really is. Regardless, I probably shouldn't let these games eat up all my profits from Double-up sng's on Cake which has been very good over the last couple months.

I hope to catch up on my work so I can put some decent posts together and do some homework on the games I'm playing, but I've been saying that for months. It reminds me of the gym membership I keep saying I'll use eventually.

Business in the "real world", seems to be doing a little better. I work for Kraft Foods and it might be the 1st solid finish to a quarter in a while. Since the downturn it has been constant bosses over the shoulder on everything and if you complain you're told that there are 20 in line to take your place. It's getting pretty old and we are supposed to be getting GPS tracking phones soon which track our every move.....sigh. I took my job because I enjoyed the freedom to do things how you want and all that mattered was results. This idea is quickly dissapearing in recent years and soon "big brother" will have shock collars on us all. I love technology, but I see the writing on the wall not just for me but everyone that works for a big company.

Looks like the baby woke up and it's time for daddy duty. Gl, all. Try not to bet the rent money. Donkeyherder.



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