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I wish I could say we came home with the trophy full of money, but both my teammates were bounced early on bad beats or bad luck and I eventually got KO'd in the last 100 out of over 400 players. It was a great trip regardless. We met up with my buddy's friend from Canada, who was a real nice guy. It was a total guy's weekend. We immediately jumped right into multi table tourney's every chance we got. The very 1st tourney I was playing and running quite well. We got down to the bubble and "Canada Bill" got cut down to a single chip (less than the small blind). Some how he miraculously tripled up like 3-4x including KO ing me out on the bubble and getting heads up before getting badbeat multiple times and taking 2nd place. An incredible chip and a chair story!! It wasn't a huge win, but a great story. I believe we ended the night taking in the Beatles Circe de ....... show which was really good. 

We proceded to play most of the trip coming up slightly short. There seemed to be alot of horrible loose passive players in Vegas. I had one guy on my right who was calling off tons of chips with weak hands and sucking out. He called some guys allin move with a bad hand because he said he saw him "blink his eyes". I was salivating to get involved with him and sure enough I got my chance. This guy raised as usual and I got KK. The blinds were pretty big and I reraised him about half my stack. The guy sat and studied me and I blinked my eyes like crazy!! lol He then shoved allin obviously oblivious to the fact I was pot committed anyways, I called and he turns over POCKET 5's!! LMAO......The board comes small and he backs into a straight knocking me out! SIGH....

After that point I thought it was going to be a down trip. I had some moderate success playing a little bit of craps and blackjack. I'm not much of a gambler outside of poker unless I think I have some sort of an edge, but it's nice to break the monotany.  On our last night we had a nice dinner at one of the Venetian dinner spots and proceded to say our goodbyes to Canada Bill who had to fly back the next morning.

I was about to close up shop for the night until I found a 2/5 NL cash game seat open at the Venetian.  It was a brand new table and everyone was buying in the maximum $1,000 which was a bit steep to me, so I just bought in for $500. I rarely play cash games or live poker and figured if I busted out, that would be my last shot. I quickly realized $1,000 was not so far fetched of a bankroll to play with. Almost every pot was raised and many times people would raise before the cards were even dealt just for fun. It was a nice lively table, but very crazy and easy to lose everything you had on any hand. I tried limp into alot of cheap flops to try and catch something big. Luckily I did just that and caught a few big hands and then was able to play my normal game with a bigger stack to work with. By the end of the night I won many pots and was up about $1,400. It was one of my best cash game sessions. 

One funny story.....One of the cocky FullTilt sponsored guys who was dumping money all night, commented to a solid heavyset player to my left that he thought one of the poker room massage girls who massaged both men, if she had choose one of the two men to "hook up" with, he would win unless the heavyset guy gave her his money. The heavyset guy in good spirits laughed and I said "Maybe you two need to make a bet?!" After a few hours later the cocky FullTilt guy dumped all his money (probably 3K!!?) and proceded to leave. About 15 minutes later he came back to the table and said "You bastard.... She did pick you after all!!!) In good spirits again they both laughed and FullTilt guy took off broke and probably unable to pay if they had bet anyways. The kicker....The heavyset guy told me 15 minutes later he took a break earlier and told the massage girl about the bet and he would give her half the money if they guy actually paid up!!! LMAO, Classic. 

I headed home with some great memories and a few hundred ahead. Can't beat that I guess? 

Since then I have been playing very well and won a seat to a $2,300 sng to play for a WSOP Main Event seat. My buddy won a 5K seat to an Ireland tourney which I have a peice, I worked out a nice rakeback deal on the CakePoker Network, and last night I killed some sng's last night up $1,500. I can't ask for more. Good luck all, don't lose the kid's college fund. Donkeyherder.



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Apr. 17th, 2009 01:02 pm (UTC)
doing well!
nice to see you doing well herder, keep it up!! things nto going to bad for me am starting to tunr it around and good times are not to far away!

Apr. 17th, 2009 01:29 pm (UTC)
Re: doing well!
Hey Gary, sounds good. A positive attitude seems to bring on good results. Good luck.
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