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In Comes In Bunches!!

For some reason it seems my performance always comes in spurts. I've noticed the same thing when looking up many other good online players. It's kind of weird when I see solid consistent players who show some of their best results one month only to follow it up with a horrible next month! I'm guessing some players get overconfident after going on a hot streak and try to make a run at the higher limits or just get sloppy with their play and maybe have a run of bad luck to boot. Luckily for me, I've really tried hard the last couple years focusing on playing only my highest returning games at the right limits. I do maintain very detailed statistics breaking down every singe game/tourney into every category and focus on my highest return per hour. This year with a new baby, however, I've had to cut down my multi table tournaments by about 95% and focus strictly on sng's, due to time restrictions. I think this has actually helped my game quite a bit by keeping me completely focused on mostly one type of game.

This month started out pretty slow. The first half of the month I was struggling to break above even. I have improved my return on $100 double-up's which I felt I was way below potential, but my games $150+ ran into a little bit of a cool down keeping me around even. Lucky for me I was on vacation this week which meant I got a few chances to play some smaller multi table tourneys at night. On Pokerstars they run a $25 rebuy satelite to their $650 WSOP Satelite. Apparently the poker gods couldn't throw enough suckouts against me and I won the seat 2 nights in a row!! Finally. Since then my sng's have been better and now I'm currently up for now.  

I watched the end of the Celebrity Apprentice with Annie Duke (Pro Poker Player) vs. Joan RIvers (Media Hag) and was a bit disgusted. I'm not a real big fan of Annie Duke, but she kicked River's ass outraising Joan 3 to 1, put on a better show, and they still gave Joan the win. I thought it seemed a bit shady, and later found out that River's already signed a deal with the producer to deal a reality show before the final of this show and the charity Joan represented was run by a woman who is connected to Trump's family!!! You do the math.  

 Well got to go. Don't go and lose your roll on some WSOP satelite. Donkeyherder.


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