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Charity Case?!

With the World Series of Poker about to start, I've been dreaming about trying to work out some kind of deal with a sponsor and representing some charity. Ideally I'd like to find some deserving charity to represent and find a sponsor out there somewhere who might put the money for me to play in a tournament(s) in return for advertising on my blog and on my clothing while I play and I would dontate 10% of the buyin whether I cash or not and if I cash a tournament I could donate half of any profits to that charity. It seems like a win-win-win deal. The sponsor would probably get good press, I would get a mostly free entry, and the charity would get money (possibly huge) and good press as well. I might not make as much money as I could buying in on my own, but it would be great to show that poker players and those in the industry are in fact contributors to society and doing good for those in need. It sounds like a good idea in my book. I just need to do the hard part of finding some sponsors and selecting a charity to back. I thought down the road I might be able to raise money for multiple charities or special individuals in need. If anyone has any experience in this I would love to hear any advice in getting started. I don't know if it's a bit too late for this years' WSOP, but with all the WPT events, maybe in the next year I can make something happen.



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