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Hey Poker players, I have decided to team up with a good friend and successful poker player in becoming a Cake Poker Affiliate!!

I am not sure how many of you play online but I may have an offer and a few good reasons for you to start. I have played at Full Tilt, Party Poker, Ultimate Bet, Absolute Poker and now my primary site is on the Cake Poker network. We might all enjoy a good live game, but consider the advantages of online.

1. Play in the comfort of your home
2. No crowds
3. Games readily available at any time and at every limit
4. You DON'T tip (this is huge)
5. No gas expenses
6. play sit n go's in as little as 15 minutes ( and win )

and the biggest reason I would suggest you devote at least some of your time to online is RAKEBACK. Every time you sit at a table you pay rake, whether it is a tournament fee or rake per hand dealt, either way, there is money disappearing from the table. You NEVER get it back ! UNLESS you have rakeback. I can get you 33% back on every tournament fee you pay and / or every raked hand you play in, if you are a cash player. READ THAT AGAIN, it's that important to your profit line. In my opinion, you should NEVER play again without it.

I don't expect many of you will play as much as I do, but I am averaging $1000 back per month. Think about that, if you run a business and can pay 33% less expenses, wouldn't you do that ?

We also run a free roll every other week for $100 and if you join using the instructions I give below, you will be invited. We are having our next one Thursday evening at 6:15 so you have time to get joined and in....

to join

1. download cakepoker.com here: Cake Poker
2. open a new real money account (you don't have to deposit to do this at this time) using FRAZ (all caps) in the SIGN UP CODE box...you don't put anything in the promotional code box

For new players, you will get 110% of what you deposit, up to $600 on your first deposit as well...thats free money !!

I can also help you if you have any problems making any deposits if you send me an email and you wish to transfer money from another site.

You can also download using the banner below....if you choose to join...shoot me an email to let me know you did and what your screen name is, so I can invite you to the free roll. For new players, I am always here to answer questions about the site or poker in general, so please ask. I send out info about different aspects of the game to improve all my players games. It is in both MY and YOUR best interest to make you all profitable players....

hope to talk to you soon...You can email me at Donkeyherder2000@yahoo.com





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