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Bittersweet WSOP So Far

Well I played in today's $1,500 NL event and started out the way I prayed I would by doubling up early and imposing my will throughout. I started with 4000 chips and picked up a couple small pots with AK's and later picked up KK in EP. I raised about 3X and got reraised by a late position player. I just called to see what kind of flop hit before committing. The flop came 10 8 5 and I bet 1/2 pot into the reraiser who raised me again. I felt pretty good and didn't think I could get away from my hand so I pushed allin and got a reluctant semi pot committed call from my opponent who suprisingly turns over QJ!! He turned a Q which freaked me abit expecting my usual bad luck, but to my suprise held up on the river.

So I doubled up early and proceeded to chip away and built my stack to 11,000 until I hit a road block. I get QQ in late position and a amateurish player raised small in early position then a mid position player somewhat light stacked just calls and I reraise about 5X only too be reraised allin 7000. The other player then calculates and calls, which I put on a medium PP hoping to get good pot odds. At this point I'm also getting pretty good odds, but I had a feeling that I was against AA or KK, but hoping I wasn't and getting great odds I took a bit of a big risk and called getting about 2-1 odds with QQ and left with my original 4000 stack if I lost. Unfortunately he did have AA and the 2nd player had JJ and the flop missed me including a straight draw.

I then proceeded to run into a bigger pair 2 hands in a row including my final hand still missing about 11 outs. That pretty much sucked because I couldn't ask to start out any better and unfortunately had to get involved in such a big pot. Maybe next time I might not take such a risk so early regardless I solid odds. Easy to say in hindsight only because this time it was against AA. 

The one good piece of news is I staked another online player that my buddy knows well, in the $1500 limit holdem tourney on Friday and is in the money down to the last 20 players!! I might come out ahead after all. I also have a piece in my buddy who will be playing another $1500 WSOP NL tourney in a week or so. So I will have to settle to bask in someone elses glory this year. Better than nothing right? Gotta go. Donkeyherder.



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