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You can email me at Donkeyherder2000@yahoo.com Cake Poker
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As I mentioned before, I started mixing some multi's back into my game each night and it has paid off well in $$$ but not much sleep. July ended as one of my best months ever in terms of consistent cashes. We also have signed up dozens of players to our rakeback deal on Cake Poker (See ad link above or below post, 33% rakeback). I did play 1 NL holdem event at the Bike in their "Legends of Poker" tournament series. There were 800 players and I made it to the 2nd day after the stopped play at almost 4am. Unfortunately, I was moved to a loose table the last hour and could not shove a single hand to maintain any kind of decent stack and had to come back the next day with a supershort stack and being put in front of the blinds, forcing me to shove allin the very 1st hand K2s getting called by 2 (AJs, and 1010) and missing. Ko'd somewhere around 100/800, 20 before the money.

This month looks to start off in a much different direction. My wife was selected to as a teacher to go to Virginia and get a 1st hand U.S. history learning experience, which is great, but I become Mr. Mom at home for the next week! Looks like poker might be a bit on the back burner until late night. I am on vacation though so I'm not complaining. My Computer also crashed last week which was a huge bummer and time waste. I didn't think it was a big deal and was in the middle of finishing some sng's until the whole system crashed. Fortunately it's all up and going now, but I lost all my pictures, music, and bookmarks, so I lost alot of good online links.

I plan on catching up on blogs, twitters, and house stuff so hopefully when I'm ready to play I can be 100% focused. I added some links and changed things up a little on the blog. Hopefully it doesn't look too bad. I'd like to track down some kind of a poker related background if anyone knows how to import you own backgrounds on livejournal please let me know.

Again, anyone looking to get a great rakeback deal saving at least 33% on all the fees and rake you pay to play. Please give Cake Poker a shot if you haven't already. You must use our signup code to get a rakeback account though! Please contact us if you have any questions or interest in signing up. Cake poker is a great site with active table at all limits and alot of loose players.

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2. Open a new "REAL MONEY ACCOUNT" (you don't have to deposit to do this at this time) using FRAZ (all caps) in the SIGN UP CODE box...you don't put anything in the promotional code box

For new players, you will get up to 110% of what you deposit, up to $600 on your first deposit as well...thats free money !!

I can also help you if you have any problems making any deposits if you send me an email and you wish to transfer money from another site. If you choose to join...shoot me an email to let me know you did and what your screen name is, so I can invite you to the free roll. For new players, I am always here to answer questions about the site or poker in general, so please ask.

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