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I've been completely out of groove all month. Cake Poker opted to shut down all tournaments for a few days to fix some software issue, which is the first time since I started playing there for 2 years. Everything's fine now, but it forced me to go play on other sites which pay less rakeback and ended up playing a variety of games and tournaments leading to very inconsistent results. I also tried to take advantage of some free time to keep playing multi's and continued to get deep and busted before big money, which took some chunks out of my bankroll. Now it looks like I'm going to have to dig myself out of another hole again and grind out a bunch of sit n go's.

On a good note, I got everything booked to go to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!! It looks like a pretty fab resort. I'll try and include some pics.  It's still pretty warm, so hopefully the weather will hold up and we can dodge any other hurricanes or crazy religeous wackos who last week hijacked a plane in cancun, Mexico to warn the president about an impending earthquake??!! wtf.  You can also check on my buddy Dawgonu's poker blog/website: .



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