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Roller coaster WCOOP poker month

I will admit I had one great tournament last week. I dominated a $50 rebuy tournament as a huge chip leader down to heads up I had about a 2 to 1 lead and lost an allin pot both having top pair but my kicker was weak, then eventually I went card dead and fought back and forth for about 30-40 minutes until my opp limped with an A7 and I had 86 and the flop came A87 and I put him on a draw and came overtop his bet. Obv. he called and I didn't hit my outs, out 2nd place, $2,500. I was pretty bummed out after having such a huge lead the entire tournament and having it completely dissapear heads up because the blinds get so big that whoever catches a couple lucky hands can win. Either way I was pumped because I played pretty awesome 99% of the tournament and had some big tournaments coming up.
I can't wait till this month is over. I've been mixing in alot more multi table tournaments which can drive even the most seasoned pro, CRAZY!! I unfortunately have continued to be very successful winning satelites to big tournaments (ie WCOOP events on Pokerstars) and then getting deep in the big event only to be busted out with no money usually on some bad luck. This time I won a $500 entry into the $500 rebuy 1+1, which cost me an extra $1,000 in rebuys. My table was pretty mixed, but I had Pro Victor Ramdin on my left and Orel Hershiser across from me, along with a few other strong online players. I started off the event by doubling up with trips vs. AA and continued to pound away at my table and in the top 25 out of 1000+ players for a few hours. I eventually went card dead and sat back and waited for better hands when we got down to about 300 players,171 paid,  and an early position player limps along with 2 or 3 more and I had J10 suited, so I call. The flop come 5 10 10, and I was now a bit less than avg. stack. I can't remember how the hand played out, but and 8 hit the turn and the 1st ep limper raised me and I didn't feel like I could lay down trips. I uncomfortably called and he turns over 55, a flopped boat vs my flopped trips...sigh. I now wonder if I could have gotten away, but it would have been hard. I couldn't put him on 1010 or a higher kicker with a 10 from ep, so unless he had 55 or 88, I had everything else covered. Anyways, I also won a satelite to the 6 handed $1,000 limit tournament which played at the same time and had Humberto Brenes on my left and a few solid online players. Somehow I never got any traction and lost half my stack early, but managed to keep myself alive longer than the rebuy tourney. I eventually crippled Humberto before he was knocked out, but found myself on the virtual rail less than an hour later before the money I think about 120 out of 410. Net loss for the day of about $1,500 wiping out any gains for the whole month. Tis the life of a poker player.

I think I'll have a couple poker book reviews coming out soon. I've been reading Daniel Negreanu's big book on "small ball" stlye poker "Power Holdem Strategy".

It's been pretty interesting, but I'm not sure how much applicable to Online poker. I've noticed when I pull up alot of stats on most of the big name live tournament pros, their online tournament results haven't been all that good. There is also a fairly obvious difference in the way people play online vs. in a live tournament. I also started reading Mike Matusow's "Check-Raising The Devil", which is an autobiography of one of poker's most notorious stars (In case you didn't already know) and is a bit rough around the edges, but despite Daniel's interesting angle on how plays poker, suprise, I've found myself more interested in Matusow's crazy life.

Aside from poker, I'm still dealing with a condo thats value has tanked and have been renting it out this year and it has been a pain since the only renters we could find in this crappy market had big pitbull dogs which pissed off all the neighbors and now I've gotten a couple tickets from animal control and it looks like we're going to be losing money while looking for new renters again. If I could just sell it off and break even, I could probably quit my job and play as a full-time pro. Oh well, I'm very blessed otherwise and maybe we'll get some awesome tenants, so I hardly have reason to complain. I'm going to Cabo next month!! I still have 10 more days to get things together, we shall see what I can do.




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