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You can email me at Donkeyherder2000@yahoo.com Cake Poker
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My buddy recently turned me onto an easy opportunity to make some money for virtually doing nothing but referring a website to your friends, family, or anyone else who enjoys the advantages of buying stuff on the internet. It's basically a collection of big name retailer's who offer deals on all sorts of products called the "Blastoff Network" and you can buy things off their site at a discount and if you refer anyone else and they buy anything you get a % commission on anything they buy and of their referrals as well. I looked into it fairly closely and it isn't any kind of pyramid scheme. There is absolutely no obligation to buy or pay any money for anything!! In a nutshell Blastoff finds these major companies customers and say on a single transaction that company hypethetically makes $100 profit and they give "blastoff" say $30 for finding them this customer and "Blastoff" in turn splits this profit with you $15. Now, I believe all the numbers and percentages are different per transaction, but bottomline is alot of people are out of jobs or just looking for some extra cash and you can make money with nothing out of your pocket if you find sign up some people and they buy some stuff online from any of these major companies or they signup other people themselves.

Here is the link to check it out. Like I said it costs you nothing to signup and check out the deals and hopefully signup: my.blastoffnetwork.com/Donkeyherder/

With the holidays coming up alot of people are going to buying stuff online anyways, you might as well get some free money for signing them up!! On the "Blastoff" website they explain all the details and answer alot of questions. They also offer personalized websites for you when you sign up (Similar to setting up a "Facebook" account or blog site). I'm goin to try and add some signup links to my blogs and facebook, etc. Some people are getting crazy about this, making, and passing out flyers. Others are just signing up a few friends and family. I'll see how it plays out. Please pass along any ideas.

As far as my poker playing, I had a great run for a few months, but like I said before, if you ever have a great result be prepared for an immediate falloff. I'm sure there's some logic to it, but it seems like everything hits the fan fast after having a great run. For me, I had a great July and it followed with my 1st down month all year. I then had a couple more subpar months, I feel mostly due to distraction and vacations. I had a great time in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico last month and finally feel settled and re-energized to work on my game. I've noticed I've really fallen off the self assessment train and have been coasting on autopilot for many months. I have a tendency to coast if things are running well and lose focus on important details until it kicks me in the ass, but November's a new month and I've already started going to doing my homework and trying to plug some the holes in my game. My main falloff seems to be playing doubleups sng's (10 players, 5 get paid double on Cake Poker) I was killilng these games for months, cashing over 60% at the highest limits available, but I started adding more big multi table tourneys and got out of routine with the vacation and got a bit sloppy. I really enjoy playing the multi's and statistically had my best year ever with an averaging finish of 29/100, cashing 24% (with a profit), am in the top 20% - 43% of the time and in the top 6% - 14% of the time!! Despite all this would you believe I am still in the red for multi's on the year. Seems impossible, but I missed cashes on some big live and online $500-$2500 buyin tourneys which ate up all my profits. I've also managed to make 15 final tables out of 155 tourneys and have had numerous bad beats on final table and knocked out 2nd, 3rd, or 4th. I have yet to take a big 1st place cash in over a year. I cut back on playing these big tournaments since my son was born, but I feel I will win a big tournament very soon considering I'm getting deep in so many tournaments now.

There are still a few books I'm reading. I'm almost done with "Poker Wizards", by Warrick Dunnett. Very interesting and similar to the popular stock market series of "Market Wizard's" books on some the great stock traders and their strategies. I'm most of the way through Negreanu's big "Power Holdem Strategy" book, which I have some reservations with his strategies applied to online play, which is 95% of what I play, but still interesting, and I have Rizen, Apestyles, and Pearljammer's book (Can't remember title something like One hand at a time poker?) which is in my car.

Again, anyone looking to get a great rakeback deal saving at least 33% on all the fees and rake you pay to play. Please give Cake Poker a shot if you haven't already. You must use our signup code to get a rakeback account though! Please contact us if you have any questions or interest in signing up. Cake poker is a great site with active table at all limits and alot of loose players.

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I can also help you if you have any problems making any deposits if you send me an email and you wish to transfer money from another site. If you choose to join...shoot me an email to let me know you did and what your screen name is, so I can invite you to the free roll. For new players, I am always here to answer questions about the site or poker in general, so please ask.

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