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Poker, poker, and more poker....

You can email me at Donkeyherder2000@yahoo.com Cake Poker
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I haven't been able to post much lately ever since Cake Poker started offering 6 handed "Double-Up" tournaments, which fill much better than the standard 10 handed and have been filling up to $300+12 on the regular especially in the evenings, which is perfect for me. Needless to say I stopped playing big tournaments last month and have been playing these like crazy, 5-7 games at a time, putting up my biggest month in total $ gambled and raked (I think around $60,000 in tournaments)!! I started off destroying them and have since had to make some adjustments, but the Cake Poker has such a good rakeback deal at 33% back, regardless of profit I can make over $1,000 a month only playing 2-3 hours per day. That being said, I've pretty much obsessed myself with these "Sit-and-go's" and haven't updated my blog or anything else in a while.

Today is the coldest it has been in a long time here in southern California. Are you ready......49 degrees!!! That's practically freezing here and all sorts of idiots are driving like morons in the rain, crashing all over the place. I practically never get sick and a couple weeks ago my wife, who gets sick all of the time (elementary school teacher) gave me something nasty and I'm still trying to shake it. I haven't taken off any work, as I never do, but I might make arrangements before the next big holiday push at my work.

A couple weeks ago I used up most of my Cake Poker "Gold Chips" to buy a stationary bike in their rewards store. I've had a personal goal to keep my weight from exceeding 200lbs. At 6 ft.+ I'm not much out of shape, and I do alot of walking at my job, but far from the athlete I was while in school. The consequence to playing alot of poker and having a kid now, I rarely take the time anymore to go surfing, golf, or play basketball like I used to. So I have very slowly been changing my routine. Like most people, I hope the equipment will help, however, I was never big into bike or treadmills so I'm not holding my breath.

I recently celebrated my buddy "Dawgonu"'s birthday which was alot of fun. We all bought wigs and went to a small concert venue in San Juan Cap. to see "Dread Zepplin" which was pretty good. The lead singer is dressed up like an old school chunky Elvis impersonator and sings Led Zepplin (and other songs) belting it out pretty solid as the king himself. Good time had by all. Happy B-Day buddy!!

If anyone follows MMA or UFC fighting, it's been a pretty good couple months. I love watching boxing, but MMA is so action packed and you can watch so many good fights in so little time, I find that's all I watch now. Fedor finally had a good fight on primetime TV in which he looked in trouble but calm and cool as ever, came back against Brett Rogers and knocked him out. The TUF heavyweight (featuring Kimbo Slice) finale was this week and much of the show was a bit boring and played up, but I have actually always liked Kimbo, who was totally over hyped not by his own doing, by Strikeforce before getting outted by a much lighter subpar fighter. I was worried once I heard he was fighting Houston Alexander, because that guy is a brutal attacker. Once in the ring, however, Kimbo looked way bigger than I thought, and Houston just ran around the ring trying to kick Kimbo in the knees and Kimbo actually looked pretty solid, including one of the best slams I have ever seen, slamming Houston on his head! In the end I think Kimbo got a little lucky after getting his legs kicked out, he looked pretty vulnerable, but ended up winning in a decision against a solid UFC fighter, which should silience some of his critics that he is more than just a backyard brawler and has no skills. I like humble underdogs, Go Kimbo!

Unfortunately it looks like most the top MMA fighters are hurt or have just fought, so it looks like it's gonna be a bit bland for a few months. On the boxing front, however, it has been pretty exciting watching Manny and the return of Mayweather leaving a wake of opponents leading to their superfight which should happen by mid-2010. I was also enjoying the "super-six" middleweight tourney, which looks to have an exciting finish if they can get all the fighters in the ring. My pick has been Arthur Abarham. I really looked forward to the Areola-Klitchko fight. It was too bad Areola got so beat up. He was the most exciting Heavyweight I've seen in a while and I hope it doesn't discourage him from coming back strong. Areola was a local kid (Riverside, CA) and I saw him in his up and coming fights at Pechanga Casino with my dad a couple years ago.

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