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For some reason the southern California area had a server crash with one of the internet providers causing me to get booted off of Full Tilt in the middle of a $50 rebuy tourney $200 invested and it only affected Full Tilt's website. I ended up not being able to log back into their site until about 1am. I checked on 2+2 poker forums and it was a statewide problem and asked Full Tilt if they would in any way give me some sort of credit and after 3 emails back and forth this was their final resolution (I'm Assed Out) Glad I just started and only had 1 game going at the time:

"Thank you for contacting Full Tilt Poker Support

There were connection problem related to several different Internet Service Providers(ISP) located in California.

We would like to confirm that all our servers were up and running at the moment of the connectivity issue and that this issue was related to the Full Tilt Poker servers.

Before you connect to our software, your internet connection travels through 5 to 30 different third party servers, none of which are owned by Full Tilt Poker. If any of those servers are experiencing technical difficulties, your connection to our servers will be affected. When you sit at a table or tournament, you accept the potential risks playing in an online card room, and we are unable to assume responsibility for external connectivity issues.

This issue has since been resolved by the ISP's in question.

We appreciate your understanding, and if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at any time."

I understand they can't just go around dishing out refunds for everything and I don't think this type of response is unlike one from any other online poker site, but it was obvious it wasn't an issue exclusively to me and considering I've played on their site at medium to high limits for many years, that they wouldn't at least split the loss to show their consideration.


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Aug. 10th, 2010 07:21 pm (UTC)
im sure this is common
this i definately a bad situation and unfortunately i believe will continue to go on at many of the sites that allow US players until hr2267 passes and there is some form of regulation on them to protect players from this kind of thing, or at the very least have someone above them to turn to for help with it. I feel for you and i would be very upset if it happened to me.
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