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  Once again, the beginning of this story was May 11th post if your intrested. Again here's a quick recap: 

I tried my hand at poker at a Vegas work trip while I was in college, got hooked. Bought a bunch of books. Studied.  Played after work at some local card rooms. Opened an online account with Party Poker.  Came up with a game plan.  Put a $100 on the site.  Luckily had a solid start.  Built my game on $10 sng's. Won a multi. Hooked up with another poker enthusiest and began spliting profits (Most of which were my big cashes at the time). My partner won a seat to the WSOP Main Event on his own. I then won my own Main Event seat right before it started. Both myself and my partner were able to get  many days of play and cash the 2006 Main Event.  I was knocked out about 700th/9000 for about $17K and T_Dawgonu cashed about 300/9000 for around 35K! By the end of the year I had won my 7th and 8th decent multi and most importantly had my 1st baby on the way!! I guess my ego kicked in a little and I celebrated by using the money to pay off my wife's SUV and buying myself a brand NEW 2007 CORVETTE!! :) My wife then got pregnant and had her water break near the bubble of a major live tournament at the Bicycle club (She was at home). We had our awesome baby boy "Diego" 6 weeks early and my poker career was put on hold for a couple months.  I went back to work in January, and I can't tell you how gross it was to go back to a real job. I really started to see how great it would be to play full-time, sleep in, and play all night long.  The only problem was during the 3 months I took off work I played alot of different tournaments and didn't really focus on sng's and my game suffered. If I had grinded out sng's the whole time I probably woulda built a nice bankroll but instead I was blowing $200 here and $500 there on random multis without any big cashes to show.  

The one thing I was able to accomplish was catching up on some of my research I do for poker and the stock market which enabled me to focus more on my game when I came back to work.  I also opened up accounts with Ultimatebet and Absolute Poker. I really needed to get rakeback on my play and was able to get about 30% on those two sites as well as take advantage of their bonuses and expand my game selection. The only downfall was opening new accounts meant starting again with a minimal bankroll and having to play small games and build my way back up.  Had I been focused on my game probably cost me alot of money, but since I was so distracted was probably best off in the long run. I know UB and AP have caught alot of heat recently oer a few cheating players, however, I've personally have never felt cheated at any time and those involved were in very high stakes games.  I figure as long as my bankroll is growing I'm not gonna worry. They both run a nice variety of tournaments, some with decent overlay.

When it comes to poker, this year hasn't been too exciting. It's been BABY OVERLOAD!! At least not yet. I do have my hotel booked to play in the WSOP event #9 next week!! I guess if I make a final table that will change my whoie year. last month I played in 2 $1000 entry tourneys and finished in the money right before final table 2 weeks in a row, which of course payed like 5 figures to the top 3 or 4 players. I barely got my money back. It was very dissapointing how just 1 card turning the right way could make a 5 figure difference and I drew the short stick.  I have managed to stop throwing most of my baby fits after suckouts and my smashed metal trash can appreciates it, lol. I guess I gotta keep cool around my new kid if I expect my wife to keep letting me play this crazy game. I'm lucky we're able to come to a happy compromise and hopefully my skills will let me eventually play full time some day.  

I was able to break my little dry spell over the last few days. Nothing really major, but stopping the bleeding was my most important goal so I stuck with grinding out sng's and tried to play them slightly tighter preflop and after flop. Overall, though I feel pretty good about my sng play. I'm also playing mini multi's pretty well also. I do think my large multi game has suffered and needs a bit more discipline these days. I think I was getting a bit too impatient and not letting certain pots go. I'm not sure if I'm gonna get much play in the next week, while preparing for vacation to Vegas. I would liket o play at least one live Multi before the WSOP.  We'll see. GL at the tables. Donkeyherder 

If you would like to check me out you can look me up on a few sites, pokerdb.com shows big tournament results. I play under "Donkeyherder"(Pokerstars),"Chipstacker2000"(FULLTILT), "donkeyherder2"(ULTIMATE BET), "d0nkeyherder"(ABSOLUTE POKER), and a few others. I've never had a single losing year.  I won a seat to the 2006 WSOP main event and cashed in the top 10% of the field of over 9000 players.  I've made 77 Final tables, including 11 1st's (50-1555 players). Most of the time you'll find me grinding out Sit-n-Gos.

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