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Poker - Vegas Gone Busto!!

Once again, the beginning of my poker beginings was May 11th post if your intrested.

Well it could have only been worse if I had taken out more money to lose. lol...I went to Vegas on Thursday to play in Event #9 of the WSOP. I was feeling pretty confident after final tabling the other night. We stayed at the Platinum hotel just off the strip. I have to say if you decide to book a trip to Vegas, check out the rates there first. They had a special going on Hotels.com for 30% off and of course I decide to book it the next morning and by then it went up to 20% off...sigh. Either way the rooms there was the nicest I've stayed in while in Vegas for the same price as those dumpy rooms you would get on the strip and it sits right behind the Flamingo so it's not like it was far off. The only thing some people might have a problem with is it is completely non-smoking and the is NO gaming inside this hotel!! Pretty shocking for a Vegas hotel. Which was all fine for me Since I was playing elsewhere anyways. I guess the Tuscany hotel/casino behind it runs some poker tournaments. The rooms were top notch and over 900 square feet! with a kitchen and full appliances. I know it sounds like a free advertisement here, but it was the only bright spot of the trip for me aside from getting to hang out with my family.

As for the poker, ehemmm... I signed up the night before the tourney which went suprisingly easy compared to past years debacles and hit the ground running on Thursday morning. They started me off at what seemed a relatively novice table and I was running the table aggressively. I started with 3000 chips and had built up to about 5000 in the first hour. Then the table next to me got a little exciting and one guy knocked out 2 players and were short handed. Can you guess who they moved over there....sigh. I was on the big blind so off I went. This table was quite a bit more loose aggressive and I was trying not to get too involved too early. I got a couple decent hands early and took down a solid pot off the big stack aggressor. I was starting to think he might not want to mess with me and then I was dealt a AQs in late position. I raised about 3.5x the blinds which the big aggressive guy I'll call "Bubba" loosely called with his big stack. the flop cam J107, I bet my overcards and gut shot and he called. I didnt put him on much or I figured he woulda raised with all the draws out there. The next card was a 9, giving me a double gutter and 2 overs, and he checked again. I really didnt think he had much or a draw so I quickly fired another big bet.  I then got an unexpected announcement of ALLIN!! SIGH......I still didn't think he had much, but he knew he had plenty of chips to push me off my hand. I had over 1/2 my chips already in the pot and reluctantly let my hand go wishing I took my free card on the turn to see if I could hit one of my many outs. Instead I gave him the opportunity to push me off my hand. Anyways, I reluctantly folded only to see him make the same move against another player shortly after and he was called down shoowing absolutely nothing, no draw no pair, zilch!!! This sickened me worse, but at the time hadn't seen him make such a move since I was new to the table and got me to laydown.  A few hands later, down to 1800 chips 50/100, "Bubba" raised from EP (Which he did with any 2 cards) and I had AKs. I shoved allin and got a suprise call from the SB as well as Mr. Bubba. the flop came like J72, Turn J, River 10, and Bubba bet the river, showing AJ, grrrrrrrrr.  So that was it for my WSOP this year. I whined a little, but was a little relieved I didn't play for 3 days and go out on the bubble for the same goose egg. 

I hung out with family the rest of the trip. I dumped $10 into a slot machine, then tried to play some $1-2 NL cash games which was quite the spectacle with multiple raises in the dark from 1st position and actual raises with K2 EP, it's no wonder I would no doubt get sucked out on a few times and drop $200. I then decided to play a $70 SNG which had one player win allin and proceed to play every hand he was dealt and run over the table knocking me out Q9 vs his 45 allin preflop. Then to cap it off I decided to play some hand shuffled blackjack and attempted to use my amatuer card counting skills to get me outta my hole. I eventually got a nice count of +12 on a 6 deck shoe with about half the cards dealt.  I raised my bet, dealt an 18, dealer showed a 7 and proceeded to hit a number of cards to make 21. Then next hand at +14 count I put the rest of my money in and was dealt a 13 vs dealer Ace. I hit, needing an 8 or less and was dealt.............a 9 of course!! I proceeded to take my sorry arse back to room before I lost my gas money, lol.  All in all I was 0/5 and down $2,000 for the trip. Very bad, my worst trip (gambling wise) ever.  But like I said I did have a good time with family and didn't play too poorly, only regretting 1 hand, found a new hotel, and survived to play another day.  

Yesterday was my first day of play since my trip and my goal was to have at least an up day and try not to piss off my wife with all my recent play. I was able to accomplish 1 of 2. Can you guess which one?? The least important of the 2....have an up day.  I had another good run on a multi only to be coin flipped out before the big money 14th out of like 400, unfortunately, the tournament took much longer than usual and kinda interfeared with some of my wife's plans and I was quickly in the dog house :( I eventually agreed to stick to SNG's and hold off the multi's until her teaching year is over in 2 weeks. It's just so much harder with a baby to try to to play 4,5,6 hour long multi's. 

On the good note, I did finish my day on the slight upside, winning a couple sng's and finishing deep in a multi. Tomorrow I take care of the baby while my wife goes to work so that's always a crap shoot on what I get to play. Usually the best play is usually ultra turbo 6 handers (10-20 minutes each) while he's sleeping, which can be 5 min. to 2 hours. I got a little bit of work to do now to get this month back into the positive. GL at the tables, comments and questions are appreciated. Donkeyherder.

If you would like to check me out you can look me up on a few sites, pokerdb.com shows big tournament results. I play under "Donkeyherder"(Pokerstars),"Chipstacker2000"(FULLTILT), "donkeyherder2"(ULTIMATE BET), "d0nkeyherder"(ABSOLUTE POKER), and a few others. I've never had a single losing year.  I won a seat to the 2006 WSOP main event and cashed in the top 10% of the field of over 9000 players.  I've made 78 Final tables, including 11 1st's (50-1555 players). Most of the time you'll find me grinding out Sit-n-Gos.

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