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POKER - Post WSOP Crash and Burn

May 11th was my 1st post if your interseted in my donkey beginnings.

 Well it's been a tough road since my carsh and burn in Vegas. I've been a bit busy coming back home and my poker play shows.  It seems like I start playing well for a while then get busy or start multi tabling too much and all of a sudden I have a horrendous bad streak.  I heard somewhere I guess Chip Reese once said something like "Don't worry about the wins, be concerned and control the losses." Which is what it looks like I'm going to have to do.  I have a tendency to start getting a little too loosey goosey and not cutting my losses.  Usually the best medicine in my case is to play some cheaper buyins and play super tight until push/fold levels and usually my results turn around.  

My poker budy T_dawgonu has been playing well but has hit a few bad runs himself finding himself losing a heads up match on a single river card for a $12,000 seat to WSOP and just missing a seat to Aruba.  I did have some success earlier this week in a couple multis, unfortunately, I blew up as a chip leader in one tourney and, got coin flipped out before final table with JJ vs AK 14th/403 in another.  I have been very upset with my play and consistant bad beats as of late and am starting to get that "I know I'm gonna get screwed here!" feeling almost every tourney.  That's a bad place to be making playing not only a losing deal and not fun.  Time for a poker intervention for the rest of the week and hopefully I'll show at least a small profit for the rest of the week. We shall see.  So far I'm down 3 solid days in a row, which doesn't sound too horrible, but I can tell by the way I'm busting out recklessly too often.

On a happy note, My little bro graduated from H.S. today. Were planning a fun thing tomorrow. He's gonna be moving in with my Dad and going to school in Riverside,CA. He'll probably be the next Geek Squad Computer pro, so congrats to him. 

If you would like to check me out you can look me up on a few sites, pokerdb.com shows big tournament results. I play under "Donkeyherder"(Pokerstars),"Chipstacker2000"(FULLTILT), "donkeyherder2"(ULTIMATE BET), "d0nkeyherder"(ABSOLUTE POKER), and a few others. I've never had a single losing year.  I won a seat to the 2006 WSOP main event and cashed in the top 10% of the field of over 9000 players.  I've made 78 Final tables, including 11 1st's (50-1555 players). Most of the time you'll find me grinding out Sit-n-Gos.

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