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Close But No Cigars

Well my buddy Dawgonu and I had some big shots fall a bit flat, but this month has been very good overall. Dawg got deep in the big Ireland tourney but just missed the money and I got bubbled out with the best hand on the last Step ($2,300) for a WSOP Main Event seat. Regardless, I have done really well this month (So far knock on wood) online grinding away. So far I've cashed over 60% of my Double-ups and about 50% of my reg Sit in goes, which is very high. This is also going to be my best month by far when it comes to "Free money" or Bonuses and Rakeback. I am also on vacation this week, wooooohooooo. The Bicycle Club is running a bunch of larger tourneys which I hopefully  plan to play 1 or 2. I also hope to get some surfing in. I have been keeping my eyes open for cheap monitors lately. I saw some at Target getting clearanced out at $100 but couldn't find any in stock. I had 1 more slot on my computer to run a 4th monitor if I could make the room. I was going to buy a 37"+ HD LCD but didn't want to fork out $500-1000 just yet. I eventually went by a Best Buy and found a Hanspree 24" for only $187 on sale and thought it was a steal and bought it a couple weeks ago and it has been awesome. I am able to put my extra lobbys and sharkscope up top out of my way now and rarely have any kind of overlap any more to deal with. 

I haven't been able to read many books or do any kind of poker homework other than keeping my stats. I've gotten into a good routine and am trying to play as much as possible in the few hours a night I have available. If the games I like to play keep filling this year I should be able to establish myself as a top online player next year. I currently would rank #1 in double-up sng's in $per game if I didn't change my name all the time and would still make the top 20 list in total $$ even though I play much less than others on the list. My only problem my games fill well when I play in the evening, but if I went pro they don't fill as well throughout the rest of the day. So for now it seems like I am getting the best of both worlds. The good news is I play many of the same opponents each game and I haven't even really jumped into breaking each player down and exposing all their weaknesses and still have room to improve even more.

Have I ever said how much I like Ultimate fighting or MMA. I can never get sick of watching it and these days it's on TV  like 24/7. I've liked it for many years, but I have never been able to go to a show live. It gets alot of bad press (like poker) because it looks so much more violent than other sports. In actuallity over the last 10 years safety rules have been in place and very few major injuries vs. many other sports. Think about it. MMA fighters usually fight 3 - 3 min. rounds and if they get caught with a big punch to the head are down and out quickly, whileboxers can get punched in the head repeatedly up to 12 rounds and are slowly beat down till they are completely destroyed. Don't get me wrong, I also love boxing, but I'd like to state my case for MMA.  

Another show I usually like each run is the Celebrity Apprentice. This year is especially interesting since Annie Duke (Poker Pro) is in the cast. You always hope when somebody represents your intrest group, the poker industry in my case, that it is someone respectable and acting respectably. I do realize it is extremely hard to maintain any kind of good character when these shows put everyone up against each other in hostile environments for the enjoyment of us at home and big ratings. Nobody usually walks away clean. Annie seems to really come off as an hyper competitive, egotistical know-it-all, hustler. Obviously not too far from what most Americans would imagine a poker pro would be like. You get the impression she would make a great used car salesman or a stripper who knows how to get that last dollar out of some shmuck's pocket.  The problem is that they are playing a competitive game and that is what it takes to win, but people are going to think every poker player is a do-anything-to-win kind of person in real life, which isn't always the case. I'm sure she probably could use a bit of a kinder make-over, but you would probably find most champions of any sport find any legal way to crush their competition. I just hope she can show she is a nice compassionate person while crushing her competition.
If anyone has read any good poker books lately please let me know. I've got most of the older one's, but always looking for something new and a little different.  I'm looking forward to having something good to read this year when I head out for my annual shot at a WSOP bracelet. I feel pretty confident these days, but the fields are so huge now unless I fork out $10,000 to play against top players which seems like it might not be the most profitable option. Anyways, I am excited and looking forward to months ahead. GL, all, and try not to drop your tax return calling allin with a gutshot!! Donkeyherder. 


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Apr. 24th, 2009 03:21 pm (UTC)
i read a good book. it is called "the book of bluffs" by matt lessinger. i am not sure if you have read this yet or not. i found it very ingteresting. also i was wondering i can put my blog address on your site? the blog address is http://shemkus.livejournal.com

Apr. 24th, 2009 07:32 pm (UTC)
Re: book
I got that book, it is a great read. I bookmarked your blog but to be honest I'm too lazy right now to take the time to set it up on my blog. You seem pretty dedicated to the game and I'm sure you'll move up down the road. GL, Donkeyherder.
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