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Last month I had my best month in a long time, making multiple final tables. This month, I knew it would be hard to out due myself, but other than the actual money I made, I statistically played better than ever. I know it sounds like some sort of BS to make myself feel better, but I continued to cash deep into alot of multi-table tourneys and I absolutely killed the double-up sng's, cashing 68%!! My main downfall was finishing deep in alot of expensive multi's without any really big cashes. I had some vacation and other free time so I wanted to take advantage of the rare opportunity to play big tournaments. Luckily I made it back in sng's, but not by much, so it looks like it's going to be profitable by only my rakeback alone. I also played the most hours this month in a long time and have improved my abilities to play multiple games at a time. Previously I could only play 2-3 tables without screwing up or not paying attention, etc. This month I was running 3-6 games with little problems and expect to go back to a more grinding schedule in Sept.

There is one big caveat. I and my buddy Dawgonu were offered an opportuntiy to rent a week at someone's time share anywhere in the world for basically $800 or $400 split. So we're taking the girls and heading out to somewhere exotic!! It looks like our main expense will be the plane flight. We're thinking Hawaii since most of us haven't gone yet. Any suggestions?? We gotta book it fast, so it might throw off my plans somewhat.

Things are starting to fall together well at the new home. Everything is pretty well organized and we had a party for my sister who just moved to Arizona. After we get back I want to look into buying one of those big L shaped leather couches for my living room and maybe eventually get a LCD TV, which will be a nice compliment to when I finally get the cash to buy one of those real nice professional poker tables for my dining room some day.

It has been butt-sweatty hot the last couple weeks here for So. California standards around 90+ for many days. Too hot to take advantage of the beach or anything until after 7pm. I need to get back into some sort of an exercise routine. I'm not fat by any means, but nowhere near what I used to be and I feel more out of shape every month. My dad, who's in his late 50's just started running and now he's doing a marathon and practicing 15-20 miles a day!! That's so awesome and I'm so pathetic now. At 6' I used to be able to dunk a basketball and run a 5 minute mile and now I suuuucckk. Surfing has still been fun and I'm talking myself to get back onto the golf course, but it's really hard for me to try and pick things back up and suck when I used to be so good before. It's like coming out of retirement at 31 years old, lol. I guess I'm being a bit dramatic. I'll probably hit the driving range before I take off on vacation.



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