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I haven't posted for a while (since the end of June) because I was on the upswing of a heater. After pretty much abandoning multi table tournies for a few months, I decided to play a few more before the WSOP and realized how much I enjoyed the competition and thrill of competing for that BIG prize. The WSOP wasn't exactly huge for me, but I knew I had an edge against most my competition and rarely get to play multi's these days with the busy schedule I have and after some final tables I got all pumped up hoping I could finally take down a big score and stop grinding sit in goe's, which these days look more and more like a bunch of lo and hi limit pros battling each other and living on rakeback. So I ended up having one of my best months ever making multiple final tables and like every other good run I've ever gone on, I probably got a little over zealous in combination with a horrible run of cards, and followed it up with one of my worst months ever!! I decided to keep on trucking through August to see if my suckout ratios and premium card dealt to me improved and things just kept on sucking! I decided despite the bad luck (which I actually use trackable stats to determine) there comes a time when you just have to cut your losses and go back to your bread and butter and re-evaluate my game selection and fine tune things. So with about 10 days left in August I was already down over $4,500 and I went back to playing lower variance sng's and an occasional $20-30 rebuy multi. Surprisingly, my horrible run ended and I began to score some consistent cashes, capped off with a $1800 3rd place finish in a $20 multi/249 players (which I shoulda won dominating both opponents multiple times only to get sucked out on and rivered into 3rd place) finishing the month for me at even. Even might not sound great, but after the horrible run I was on, turning things around in 10 days was nice.

So September is a new start, and I'm coming in playing well. I just hope I can continue grinding well and eventually mix in a few more multi's here and there. So far, for the year, I've played 288 multi's and cashed 52, with 21 final tables. Normally, I actually cash even better, but I tried to mix in a lot of Turbo multi's which include much more luck. Right now I'm cashing at about 18% and in the TOP 2% - 4.5% of the time, but hope to bump cashes up to over 20% and TOP 2% to over 5%,by the end of the year if I avoid playing Turbos. Unfortunately, I don't get much of a selection for multi's at around 9-10pm during the weekdays. I think I could make a killing if I ever quit my real job and was able to have more free time to play during peak times. Oh well, gotta make do for now until I take that plunge. There is so much going on with the government and regulation, I think it is contributing to online poker, for the time being, to hit a peak. So I think I probably be waiting the rest of this year out unless I can make a huge score or a consistent monthly run of strong results.

Yesterday I also just bought the new Samsung 4G Galaxy  Epic phone. I'm not a big phone guy, but the display is awesome and it has a slide out keyboard. More importantly for me you can pay an extra $30 a month and it puts out its own wireless hotspot for up to 8 devices, which I can use as a backup in case my home internet connection goes out!! It doesn't happen often, but the times it has crashed I've probably lost enough $$ to pay for itself every year, not to mention the added benefits of being to able login my laptop anywhere (esp. on vacation) without a fee.

I think my brain's tapped out like James Toney in a MMA fight. I'll be back.


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Oct. 27th, 2010 12:29 am (UTC)
Keep grindin
Keep grining my man...you seem to be doin well. I know how you feel about the WSOP. Playing it each and every year is something I will never miss the opportunity to do. It is such an awesome experience.

Hope things go well on the felts, both virtual and live...

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Oct. 27th, 2010 04:02 am (UTC)
Re: Keep grindin
Thanks man, Interesting site. Your site or just work/affiliate there?
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