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Well considering the economy is still in the toilet and I only get to play poker about 2-4 hours a night, this year has been pretty solid for me. It can be a bit frustrating and maybe a bit of jealousy to see many of the top online poker pros racking up $100,000's+ each year in wins and I'm stuck grinding out smaller late night tourneys for a few thousand dollars at a time.

As of so far I have around $300,000 in total prize winnings (not counting costs) with an avg. finish of 30/100 for non-turbo mtt's, cashing roughly 20%, finishing in the top 2%: 4% of the time, and in the top 6%: 12% of the time, and last year (2010) had 37 final tables out of about 500 multi table tournaments. Most of these numbers would rival some of the best players out there except unfortunately I probably play about 3-10% of the tournaments of those guys who play full-time. My 30/100 avg finish has to beat almost anyone out there, however, my real goal is get better at being more aggressive at the right times and have more deeper finishes and final tables. Looking at the #1 online multi-table tournament player of the year "Moment_mori" who racked up $3 million in total winnings and about $730K as profit, avg finish 39/100, cashed on avg about 15%, however, he played over 14,000 tournament last year alone vs. my menial 500 last year in comparison. So if you were able to multiply my results by at least 10-20X, I would have something to hang my hat on. While I doubt I'll ever play 10,000 multi's a year, but even 5X more, 2500 would produce some pretty impressive numbers.

I also had a pretty solid year on most of my sng's and even a little bit of cash games. From looking at some of the huge money still being made in cash games, I think I will continue to dabble until I get screwed badly and lose my interest. Overall I really enjoy the big multi-table tournaments and feel I could really make a name for myself eventually if I can put in enough time. That also seems to be the only way most online players get recognized and sponsored unless you are famous for something else or score a couple huge live wins.

So far this year has been a tease, going in deep in the Live New Years Oceans11 tourney, then deep in many online tourneys only to get screwed right before the money or final table or as soon as I get to the final table. Literally, I just got KO'd 31/269 before the money on a suckout in the $20 rebuy. I then finished 8th place on the $75 Tilt KO tourney with AQs vs. AQs same hand allin preflop my opp hit a flush - out 8th/403 - $575, and now I'm also currently in with 15 left out of 210 in $30 rebuy. Let's see if this goes any better.......Well I made final table and got sucked into a min raise as BB with 56s as the remaining smaller stack on table and flopped Q86 with 1 club and decided to checkraise allin because I had enough to get a fold out of him if he didn't have a pair of Q's or better or a flush draw. Unfortunately he had both lol. Q10s and hit flush on river. Out 6th/210 - $680. Not bad considering I was grinding into the money as a shorter stack.

At least the finishes are continuing to get better by the week, maybe a couple top 3 finishes by the end of the month.


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